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Aside from prenatal consultations we also offer prenatal preparation.
Around 20 weeks, when your baby begins to move, you can start haptonomy. During those one-hour sessions, the (future) father can contact his child through his partner's belly and thus create a deep and long-lasting relationship with his baby.

After 30 weeks, you can also begin hypnobirthing. These 1.5-hr sessions include on the one hand theory about (self)hypnosis, visualisation, physiology, and on the other a practical part where you will learn to experience this deep state of relaxation, to breathe deeply, to allow your body to function at its best when the time has come for your baby to be born.
Here too, the (future) father or life partner plays an important role.

All along your pregnancy we also offer massage. This practice allows you to relax deeply with many beneficial effects.